Jersey Jazz by Joe Lang

"Bentyne found ways to make each song her own, bending notes, playing with time, and finding the essence of each lyric. She was passionate when required, and humorous when appropriate, usually taking the songs to places where they had not been before. She made the Sondheim enthusiasts realize the new possibilities that she unveiled in his music, and jazz fans understand how satisfying the Sondheim material could be with a creative force like Bentyne giving them the kind of rhythmic impetus that she provided. It was truly an awesome experience to hear her artistry in full bloom."

October 27, 2017 

All About Jazz by C. Michael Bailey

“Bentyne is in excellent vocal form, singing with a creative elasticity not heard since Betty Carter. The project ably deconstructs Sondheim, rebuilding a hip palace in its place.”

November 3, 2017 

Mark Heard It First by Mark Christian Miller

“To release a collection of Sondheim vocals with a decidedly reimagined approach, a singer had better have three things going for her – a first class pedigree as a strong vocalist, innate acting ability, and an outstanding supporting team. Bentyne shines as a musical actress, handling the rapid fire lyrics with ease. [Her] voice is immediate, expressive, and self -assured. Bentyne has the dramatic talent and the vocal chops to do justice to a legendary and complex songwriter like Stephen Sondheim. Everybody rise!”